A good start to the new year

Jan 27, 2023

A great start to the new year!

In the past few days no less than two new electric lifting cranes have been delivered by Spierings Mobile Cranes.
En Kuiphuis continues to invest! In April, even a third (of this year's) new Spierings e-Lift crane will be delivered.
The delivery of these cranes means that more than 10% of our entire crane fleet is already emission-free.

This puts us ahead of the market and well ahead of the targets set by the Dutch government.

About both cranes:
The 6-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 is the largest mobile tower crane in the world. Already built more than 330 times.
The strong engine, powerful pneumatic braking system and good overview increase safety on the construction site and public roads.
The SK1265-AT6 is the first Spierings crane with a 5th extending boom section. Together with the 4 other boom sections, this provides an unmatched flight of 60 meters.

The 4-axle Spierings SK597-AT4 e-Lift is the latest generation of the four-axle hydraulic mobile tower crane.
The 4-section boom of the SK597-AT4 e-Lift offers 48 meters of flight, at a compact vehicle length.
The lifting height is up to 27.8 meters with the boom in horizontal position and as much as 58.1 meters with the boom in 45-degree raised position.

The SK597-AT4 e-Lift and SK1265-AT6 e-Lift feature state-of-the-art crane technology.
The cranes are deployable with maximum load without the use of additional ballast parts.

Already in 2020, Bouwend Nederland paid a lot of attention to this type of crane, the "Tesla among construction equipment."
During the premiere in Oss at the time, George Raessens was also present.

The vice-chairman of trade association Bouwend Nederland calls the introduction of the electric crane an important step for the construction and infrastructure world, especially in light of the nitrogen crisis.
"This is the beginning of a new era. First, because we can now drive and work emission-free; there is a huge demand for this.
Second, because this will inspire the market and politicians to move with us. Think of this crane as the Tesla among construction equipment.
Six years ago the Tesla was a breakthrough; now you can't go down the road without encountering one. The same should happen with these cranes.

(source: https://www.duurzaam-ondernemen.nl/emissievrij-werken-met-de-eerste-hybride-mobiele-hijskraan-ter-wereld)

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