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At Kuiphuis, we don't want to take no for an answer, and that means you can always count on us. Even if it's 3 a.m., during the day or on the weekend. So as a customer you always know where you stand, we take care of it.

Modern faucets of all shapes and sizes

A large fleet of vehicles is not an end in itself. We want to serve our customers quickly and completely, that's what it's all about. If you need a crane, all you have to do is call us.

Regardless of type and size, we take care of it.

Whether in Hardenberg, Arnhem, Lutjebroek or Enschede, we are at your service.

Motivated, well-trained employees

A good crane operator is worth his weight in gold. He knows exactly how to control his crane, but more importantly, he is at home on the construction site. That means he anticipates and thinks along with everything that happens. The result: safe work, fewer mistakes and minimal delay. That gives you the security of being able to deliver on time.

Working at Kuiphuis


What began in 1908 as a grocery and cigar store has grown into a crane rental company with many branches and a fleet of vehicles to be proud of. An extraordinary path, in which perseverance and an eye for opportunity played a role every time.


115th anniversary

Already 115 years we exist as a company, started as a grocer and metal worker, but for more than 50 years as a crane rental company. This year we are taking the opportunity to refresh our corporate identity.


Corona / Nitrogen Environmental Policy

The world has come to a standstill because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But also, the first fully electric crane is delivered to us by manufacturer Spierings.


Acquisition of Utrecht shares

After starting a collegiate branch in Utrecht, it was decided to take over the shares 100% and manage the branch itself.


POL crane rental acquisition

Agreement is reached in Hoogeveen to acquire POL crane rental.


Especially at the highest level!

With branches in Oldenzaal, Twello, Neede, Dedemsvaart, Arnhem, Deventer and Bad Bentheim and more than 70 cranes, Kuiphuis is a crane rental company where only "Certainly at the highest level" counts!


Biggest investment ever

As many as five new cranes will be purchased in the spring of 2015. The largest investment ever for our company. In addition, in December the expansion with 18 semi-mobile overhead travelling cranes through an acquisition.



Due to expansion of the clientele and region, a new office in Arnhem will be started in 2014.


Relocation in Neede and Dedemsvaart

The branches in Neede and Dedemsvaart are moving to new locations.


Establishment of Crane Rental Netherlands

Crane Rental Netherlands is an initiative of six regional leading companies in vertical transport. It aims to provide a nationwide service to customers operating nationwide and in different regions.


Establishment Verreiker Verhuur Oost

Verreiker Verhuur Oost is founded as an addition to existing services. Thanks to a new (additional) name, awareness is increased and rental market is better served.


Relocation Oldenzaal

Kuiphuis moves to a new location in Oldenzaal . Ample opportunities for further growth are available here and in September 2008 the site of over 11,000m2 is festively opened by means of an open day for staff and customers.


Relocation Twello

Kuiphuis moves to a new location in Twello . Plenty of opportunities for further growth are available here and in mid-2006 the site of over 7000m2 is festively opened for staff and family.


Takeover Crane Company Twello

Kuiphuis acquires the crane rental activities of Van Keulen Kraanbedrijf in Twello . The activities of both companies fit together perfectly and make the company a major rental company in the eastern Netherlands.


25th anniversary

In 1997, Kuiphuis Kraanverhuur B.V. celebrated its 25th anniversary. With more than 20 mobile telescopic cranes and mobile crawler cranes in daily rental, this makes Kuiphuis a healthy and solid company.


Acquisition crane company in Neede

All long time our company has operations in the Achterhoek. The expansion in Neede has long since not limited our company to Twente.


Establishment of Kuiphuis GmbH

Due to many activities in Germany, it is decided to set up a German company (GmbH).


Fresh start during strong economy

After a solid recession in the Netherlands, Kuiphuis has made a good start with regard to its new premises in Oldenzaal .


Bruijsten family takes over Kuiphuis

In late 1984, the Bruijsten family decided to take over the company completely and continue under the Kuiphuis name. In 1985, the acquisition was completed in its entirety and the company was ready for a new start.


Drama, almost entire Kuiphuis family crashed

A tragic accident in which almost the entire Kuiphuis family perished marked 1982.


Crane park grown to 5 cranes

Many new customers: crane fleet with 5 cranes. A growing company, many new customers with more lifting jobs made the purchase of several cranes possible over time. So in 1977 the crane fleet consisted of no less than 5 cranes.


First hydraulic crane

First hydraulic crane being purchased due to increasing demand for mobile cranes.


After end of 2nd W.W. growing demand for wagon and body construction

A need arose to move cargo boxes. The tools for this were lacking and an old Army truck was purchased and converted to a crane.



Around 1920 came the expansion to blacksmith shop with the main activity of shoeing horses and repairing agricultural implements.


Started as a grocery store

Kuiphuis originated around 1908 as a grocery and cigar store.


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