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Working at Kuiphuis

A good crane operator is one with his machine, knows exactly what is going on in the environment and reacts unerringly to what is happening. A crane operator may be a professional, but we ask the same of a crane mechanic. They must know how a machine works and have a feel for the technology. Craftsmanship is more than knowledge alone as far as we are concerned. It is knowing how something is done, why, when and in what place. Insight, precision, but also commitment and a lot of fun in the job are prerequisites for us.

Why work at Kuiphuis

Kuiphuis Crane Rental has much to offer the crane operator, the office worker and the crane mechanic:

  • A beautiful workplace
  • Varied work
  • Collegiality
  • Short lines

It's not for nothing that most of the employees have been with our company for many years.

We like to meet experienced skilled workers or young people who are motivated to learn an exciting trade. See what vacancies are available. Applying is very easy.

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