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Our company has a clear vision of how the world is developing. Kuiphuis Crane Rental likes to feel involved in the ins and outs of society and likes to contribute to it.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A reliable partner in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Kuiphuis goes a step further and focuses on profit for people, society and the environment. The company has a clear vision of how the world is evolving. By being involved in the ins and outs of the environment and society, a contribution is made wholeheartedly. Stakeholder interests are taken into account as much as possible and support social institutions,
cultural initiatives and sports activities.

Proper labor participation within our company is ensured.

At least 2.0% of all work hours made, are made by people with a "labor limitation", "wa-young people" or with a "WSW indication". (Labor Participation Obligation Act 2015/2016).

Renewable energy and consumption

Our premises use electricity continuously. In order to maintain a sustainable relationship with our environment, we try to generate as much of our energy consumption as possible ourselves.To this end, we already have solar panels in use on our premises in Oldenzaal, Twello, Neede and Dedemsvaart.

Sustainable consumption

At the various sites we are slowly but surely replacing all outdoor lights with LED lights. A nice development, where our own generated energy is better spent, but also better visibility in the dark.

Why sustainable?

Finding the right balance between people, the environment and the economy; it is a challenging task that affects us all.

What we do now has consequences for later. The climate is changing, due to emissions of (too many) greenhouse gases. We use more of the earth than it can yield. This seriously affects the capacity of the earth. How can we continue to grow and provide for everyone without further burdening the earth? The answer is sustainability.

If we make future-oriented choices and sustainable business practices now, we invest in tomorrow's world. More and more organizations are charting their CO2 emissions and working to reduce them. Through Sustainable Supplier we strive for sustainable business operations: taking into account the effects on people and the environment in all business processes.

Sustainable operations

Sustainable business begins with a clear vision of corporate social responsibility. It is also about sustainable personnel policy, sustainable innovations, purchasing and sales. Not only is this important for people and the environment, it also enhances a company's ability to distinguish itself.

Investing in sustainable business operations is a future-oriented as well as a commercial choice. Because more and more clients are making sustainable demands on their (A)suppliers.

Sustainable Supplier supports us in concretizing and demonstrating their sustainable efforts. Sustainability gets a concrete face.

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Boeskool Fund Foundation

Together with about 30 other companies, through this foundation we give financial support to activities in the socio-cultural and sports fields in Oldenzaal and its surroundings.

World Community Grid / Folding@Home

New to our social responsibility is the donation of unused computer time. Since December 2012 Kuiphuis Kraanverhuur has equipped its servers and various workstations with software that uses unused processor power during the night (when there is little to no activity). This software is used by various universities around the world to research diseases and abnormalities.

In addition, since 2020, Folding@Home software has been installed to investigate COVID-19 disease.

View current status (Folding)

View current status (WCG)

Digital invoice

Digital invoicing has become an integral part of our sustainability policy. You will receive (after your e-mail address is known) your invoice digitally in your own e-mail box. No more waste of printers/print paper/envelopes and diesel-driving mail carriers.

For fully automatic processing in your accounting, our server, delivers your invoice in PDF and XML format. Whatever invoicing program you use, it is always very clear and easy to process. Of course, the (signed) work order is delivered digitally.

Sustainable employability

In 2017, Kuiphuis had the opportunity to roll out a project on sustainable employability. This project was made possible in part with funding from the European Union.

Kuiphuis considers it important to invest in its employees. By continuously developing and improving, we strive for a longer, healthy and inspired employability of our employees and an engaged and development-oriented organizational culture.


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