Acquisition J&H crane rental

Jan 7, 2021

J&H Crane Rental

Our company is taking over J&H Crane Rental from Valthermond.
Two weeks ago the final agreement was signed. Kuiphuis is taking over the operator and all the equipment.

Bob Bruijsten, director-owner of Kuiphuis Crane Rental explains, "Scale is very important in our industry and we consciously choose to work from multiple branches. The closer to the customer,the better prices we can keep by saving on travel time and costs. J&H Crane Rental has a good operator and a nice customer base, we can move forward with that."

J&H Crane Rental, is pleased with the acquisition. "We have made the strategic choice to further concentrate on our own rental activities.
Kuiphuis wants to keep the branch in Valthermond and can make good use of our machinist. He will now have many more opportunities than we could have offered him in the long run."

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