Our sustainable capabilities

Oct 2, 2019

Our sustainable capabilities

Recent State Council rulings on LDC values and nitrogen emissions give our sustainable machines a great boost!
Noise and harmful emissions are almost non-existent. Local residents, construction personnel and the crane operator have a quiet machine doing its job.

  • Our crawler cranes are 100% electric and transported with the latest tractor-trailer combinations (Euro 6).
  • Our new CityTower crane has its own electric drive and can perform its work 100% emission free.
  • The latest telescopic cranes are equipped with Euro 6 or Stage IV.
  • The latest trolley cranes are equipped with a Euro 6 engine.
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Our cranes with 100% electric drive:

SR38 SR25 Bulldog MN165 SK40ct

Our cranes with Euro 6 / Stage IV drive.

Telescopic cranes

tk275 tk120 tk90 tk70 rk60 rk50

City Class faucets


Trolley cranes

sk60 sk48 sk44


The Spierings CityTower. 100% electric!

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