Investment in electric mobile tower cranes from Spierings

Jul 29, 2022

Kuiphuis again invests in new electric tower cranes!

With due pride, Kuiphuis has been privileged to sign the agreement with @spieringsmobilecranes for the purchase of two new sustainable trolley cranes.
Soon the SK597-AT4 and SK1265-AT6 eLift will join our electric/hybrid cranes fleet.

Electric & hybrid mode:
The emission-free eLift system has an electric mode and hybrid mode. Both have an efficient first-line power source and allow the operator to choose between operating on electricity or diesel fuel. The PowerPack battery technology captures the peaks in energy consumption and is recharged, via a 16/32amp wall outlet, when the crane's energy demand is low.

By using the electric mode, we operate the crane 100% emission-free at a low noise level without any limitation in use and capacity.

The SK597-AT4 eLift is the latest generation of the Spierings hydraulic tower crane.
This eLift with 48 meter boom has a compact 4-axle undercarriage. With this, Kuiphuis strengthens its fleet of 48-meter cranes to 5!

The SK1265-AT6 eLift is a 6-axle Spierings crane known as the largest mobile tower crane in the world.
Some features: maximum radius of 60 meters, 10,000 kg lifting capacity and hook height of 64.2 meters. Yet the crane is still widely deployable due to its comparatively user-friendly size and flexible outriggers.

@bobbruijsten (director Kuiphuis) symbolically signs the last order from @maartenvanbrink (sales engineer Spierings).
Thanks for the cooperation over the last years and good luck in the future.

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