Movie Day VR-Experience

Apr 25, 2022

Movie Day Kuiphuis-VR-Experience.

To expand our Kuiphuis Virtual Reality Experience, we recently completed the second day of filming.
In Groningen, we made additional shoots on project Herepoort to make the Kuiphuis-Experience even more interesting.

Are you interested in a full-service toolbox around cranes and safety with safe behavior?

We can offer you a varied program through our Virtual Reality Simulator;

- How do you communicate with a crane operator?
- What view does a crane operator have from the cab?
- How are lifting tools handled?
- What do you do as a crane operator in the cab?
- How can we work more safely together?

These are some of the questions being sought answers to during the Kuiphuis Experience.

We start with a short film in which, among other things, safety aspects will be discussed, then one by one you can take a seat in our reconstructed SK40 City-Tower, where through 3D glasses you can imagine yourself to be a real crane operator and really drive the crane. The group will learn about various daily tasks with and around cranes and how to attach loads.

The location is up to you!
This can be at the construction site, your office or branch or possibly at one of the Kuiphuis locations. For the placement of the VR-Sim at least a covered place on the first floor is required, or a floor that can be reached by an elevator with an interior space of at least 90 cm wide, 300 cm long and 200 cm high.

The first relations of ours have participated in this experience and the reactions are super positive! We expect that you will be too.


"Our toolbox needs are met in an engaging way."
"Using the right communication tools really increases safety on the construction site."

Can we challenge you to take a seat in the chair of our crane operator?

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