Electric Spierings SK40 City Tower delivered!

Jun 19, 2020

Electric Spierings SK40 City Tower delivered!

The very first mobile crane that can drive fully electric!
The latest Spierings SK40 City Tower has been delivered to us by the manufacturer.

Thanks to the built-in battery pack, the City Tower can drive fully electric in and out of the city. Arriving at its destination, the City Tower can operate electrically for several hours on its own power or be connected to the electricity grid.
With the City Tower it is thus possible to work completely emission-free, for example in inner cities and natural areas.

Also present at the premiere in Oss were Oldenzaal Mayor Patrick Welman and George Raessens. Mr. Raessens, vice president of the trade association Bouwend Nederland, called the introduction of the City Tower an important step for the construction and infrastructure world,especially in light of the nitrogen crisis.

"This is the beginning of a new era. First, because we can now drive and work emission-free; there is a huge demand for this. Second, because this will inspire the market and politicians to move with us. Think of this crane as the Tesla among construction equipment. Six years ago, the Tesla was a breakthrough; now you can't go down the road without running into one. The same should happen with these cranes."

This is the most compact crane in the Spierings product series. The compact design with only 2.50 meters width and only 13.08 meters overall length makes the truck easy to maneuver. In urban areas, this crane comes into its own best.
The ground dimension of the truck is even less than 10 meters. The maximum outrigger base is 7,200 x 7,250 mm.

Niels Sprakel; Pioneer and crane operator Kuiphuis
Jan van Vliet; Outside sales Kuiphuis
Leo Spierings; Founder Spierings Mobile Cranes
Bob Bruijsten; Director Kuiphuis
Karel Heijink; Director VNO-NCW Midden
Patrick Welman; Mayor Oldenzaal
Koos Spierings; CEO Spierings Mobile Cranes


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