City Class TK50 and TK55 do what they do best!

Jan 29, 2021

The new City Class TK50 and TK55 do what they do best!

Among other things, these compact cranes are ideal for lifting work in industrial buildings and urban areas. The fact that they are so compact means they can get into the tightest positions, thanks in part to the variable steering and outrigger program. The City Class TK55 has the ability to raise the cabin 7 meters, giving our operator optimal visibility of the load and surroundings.

The City Class cranes have a "short head" (the adjustable traverse) that is mounted in extension to the mast and we use it to be able to lift the load shortly in front of the main mast, thus gaining one to two meters of lifting height that is often not left indoors. An interesting detail is that these cranes can drive with the load.

In Vorden we were able to lift some machines indoors with the City Class TK50, the crane comes into its own by lifting between the structure and tightly under the roof. Close to our yard in Oldenzaal the City Class TK55 drove and placed some machines into the factory using the 'short head'.
At a new building in Almelo, we used two City Class cranes to assemble the 29470kg overhead crane, which has a span of 31 meters!

Kuiphuis' available City Class cranes;

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